What is a virtual office?

The simple answer is access to an official business and mailing address.

Why use a virtual office?

For business
Small businesses and freelancers often use their home addresses to receive business related packages. This not only seems unprofessional to potential clients but can complicate tax benefits as it makes it difficult to separate business expenses from personal ones. Virtual offices at Workspace Williamsburg provide the perfect means to bypass these issues. Mail can be delivered to the office and the office address can be used as your official business address.

Safety and Security
Leaving packages in care of Workspace Williamsburg can provide a person peace of mind. The office provides safety from the growing number of thieves who target unprotected packages left on doorsteps.

  • Free package receiving — All package and mail types are accepted. We will keep it safe until you can come pick it up!
  • Free “Mail Check” — Call before making the journey to see if you're mail has arrived.
  • Email & text notification — When your mail arrives, we can notify you via text or email.
  • 1Security & Safety — Your packages and mail will be safe in our care until you collect it.
  • Mail Forwarding — We can forward your mail to you if you're traveling.
  • Permanent Address — If you are constantly moving, have the peace of mind knowing your mail is being sent to the right place.
  • Separate Business and Personal mail — Though you may run your business from home, it is best to have an official business address.

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